FPO Support Program

Urban Development

Theta Enerlytics Pvt Ltd. is committed in empowering weaker sections of the society and improving their livelihoods by encouraging local talent and engaging them as stakeholders in all activities pertaining to agriculture and allied sectors, by using advanced technologies. Our mission is to contribute to government’s strategy of agricultural development through new and improved agricultural approaches like precision farming, use of disruptive technologies and farm digitization.

Theta Enerlytics hand holds and nurtures farmer producer organizations (FPOs) during different stages of its growth and stabilization. Theta Enerlytics is also adept at expansion of the existing FPO business and identifying other potential opportunities including value chain addition and market availability for FPO products. We are also proficient in providing advisory services to farmers covering weather, nutrient and water deficiency, and plant protection, which enable them to make informed decisions. Theta Enerlytics Agriculture (TEA) is also positioned to deliver the responsibilities like cluster finalization, baseline survey, formation of groups, training and capacity building of FPOs, preparation and execution of business plans, assistance in regular interface with stakeholder, review and monitoring of the team and all activities related to management and monitoring of FPOs.

    • FCPO/FPO Techno-Economic Consultancy Services
    • CBBO Services
    • Financial Consultancy and Incubation Services
    • Organic Fertilizers
    • Ariel Agricultural Audit and Yield Estimation with plant health analysis
    • Agri Insurance and Survey Services for Insurance Companies
    • Turnkey Solutions and Project Management
    • Food Processing, Storage and Linkage

Theta Enerlytics is also competent in providing digital solutions to FPOs by making use of satellite data and data from innovative technologies for their effective functioning and management. The TEA approach uses latest image capturing and processing technologies combined with on ground sensors to provide holistic solutions for the farmers. Our aim is to provide tangible benefits to farmers by providing better insights to current soil health and crop health, optimised fertilizer usage for input cost optimization and geo tagging for making his produce attractive to foreign and large corporate buyers. In our efforts to help farmers achieve all round agricultural development and improved household income we provide opportunities for entrepreneurship options ranging from pisciculture, bee keeping, agarbati making and solar charka-based weaving, which also results in sustained employment.

Theta Enerlytics Pvt Ltd has already been empanelled with AFC India Ltd to support the FPO program. We are currently exploring partnerships with other organizations and technology start-ups in the Agtech space for collaborating with government and farmer organizations supporting the implementation of FPO program.